Adpative Learning

Traditional software can be cumbersome, difficult to use and even limiting based on the abilities of the individual interacting with it. BTBI was designed with multiple user interfaces in mind, with the intent of the software learning from the user and offering different interactive cues based on the user's ability. Through the use of interactive technologies and our own custom learning platforms, BTBI software applies new age technology that empowers individuals at all levels.

Our adaptive learning application allows the software to strategically customize itself to the individual, based on mood, location, wants, needs and support calls. Whether through routines, social story development or in-depth analytics, the BTBI platform works to tailor itself to individual needs. As the software learns the likes, dislikes and cues of the individual it’s aiding, it begins to slowly learn how to further engage and react based on unique situations.

The goal of this application is to provide an interactive means by which we can help reduce risks, deescalate potential situations and help support staff avoid potential risks. Not everyone can communicate wants, needs and frustrations easily. BTBI technology provides a potential early warning system and a means by which staff and support individuals can communicate throughout situations.