Caseload Management

BTBI universal access software provides users with the ability to configure and manage case files while tracking every detail. Whether you’re an agency supporting multiple special needs individuals and require a digital intake process and caseload management application, or you’re an individual who requires an organizational tool that keeps your personal profile and life digitally accessible with every detail in one secure place, our case file management system provides users with a unique means of capturing, managing, comparing and utilizing essential data.

Individual Service Plan (ISP)
Key Methodologies
Medical Charts

Ensure no detail gets missed with a digital case file management system that keeps all details organized in one secure spot. Whether you’re in an emergency situation and need access to confidential and secure information to ensure you’re reacting in the best interests of the individual you’re supporting; or simply ensuring medical details and medication practices are accurate, BTBI is always available, securely working 24/7 for you.