Digital Charting

With countless digital forms and charting templates to chose from, BTBI makes securing accurate, detail oriented charting simple. Streamline paper charts with our electronic charting system to improve consistency, accuracy and ensure real time collaboration with instant attachments and a full history of client information. Create client support plans, reduce paper and increase accountability while increasing organization. Our charting templates are not one size fits all; and in our experience every business has details that are custom to their them or essential for the particular individual requiring support. With this in mind, BTBI has been built to accommodate customization. Through the software you can access our many templates, customize those templates or build your own templates, forms and charts. This unique and easy to use application ensures that all details you require are accounted for in every form and chart. All information for an individual in the software is tracked to that individual. What does this mean for you? Every case file in the software will always be 100% up to date, and staff profiles will show all work and activity. The simplicity of digital charting, digital signatures and ongoing alert systems ensures that the right details are attended to and being executed on every day.