Medication Tracking

We help digitally manage all aspects of medication, including tracking, charting and reminder cues. BTBI keeps all information accurate, up to date and in the right spot. Proper charting is essential when logging information gathering, medication usage notes, side effects, history and other medications or PRNs being used. With BTBI, everything you need and the details associated with all medications, including essential notes and details, is securely logged and easily accessed.

Example Case:

Issue: The individual I provide support for takes many medications and both the support staff and this individual have trouble remembering what each medication is for, the dosage, when to take each, etc. When it comes time to meet with their Doctor we have paper charts, but we rely on support notes and often the memory of support staff for day to day tracking of all medical related details besides what’s logged in charts.

BTBI: Alert Notifications

Our software can be easily programmed to provide medication reminders and alerts based on any time zone. In this alert it outlines which medication needs to be taken, and visuals can be applied with verbal cues as to best practices for taking and storing medications.

BTBI: Procedure Tracking

Either through the software or quick action reminder cues, BTBI alerts and provides trigger buttons confirming that medication has been taken, reporting on all standings with medications and ensures procedures and accountability for medication best practices.

BTBI: Charting

Our smart charting systems make medication tracking and awareness collaborative. Securely monitor all charting to ensure best practices, and increase your working knowledge and history with real time profile tracking and mapping.

BTBI: Medical History & Digital Tracking

The true risk for anyone providing and/or receiving support is not collecting the right information and not having access to it when you need it. Accurate, detail oriented medical histories with daily tracked notes ensures responsible support and reporting to all parties who need the information.