RFID Recognition

Anyone who works in the support world understands the need for simple solutions. When BTBI was founded with the objective of changing lives through technology, simple and easy to use were the keywords we knew had to be built into every application. Taking advantage of RFID technology, we have developed unique applications for object recognition. Through our software you can print RFID tags and attach them to objects. When the object is placed on a reader pad, the software recognizes the object and triggers any reaction you've designated. Through this application, you can create unique engagement situations for educating, tracking and providing visual recognition.

Case: Medication Containers

Using BTBI software allows you to print RFID tags and apply them to medication containers with essential details, including images and video. When this medication container is placed on the reader pad, all details are instantly displayed on the medication ensuring proper procedure, handling, care and record tracking for each medication tagged.

Case: Object Learning

Learning the essentials is important; however what happens when not everyone learns the same way? BTBI allows you to assign videos to RFID tags so you can create meaningful tags, which can then be printed in plastic or rubber 3D models that match your needs.