Routine Creation

Capitalizing on QR code technology, the BTBI system allows you use, create and develop interactive routines utilizing printable QR codes. With access to our numerous templates, the software comes fully loaded and ready to put into action. As no two individuals have the exact same needs and requirements, we have added a new custom feature application. This allows you to use and update your own videos to create full interactive routines which can be used on any desktop, tablet or mobile device with a camera. This proven, simple to use tool can make learning new routines, executing day to day routines and interacting fun. Change the way you think about working through tasks that can sometimes be challenging - let BTBI bring you new age tools that simplify life.

Our QR code routines provide opportunity. No matter what size the task, QR codes provide an easy scan for anyone, and once the code is scanned it can auto play a video, bring up a website or engage the scanner through interactive games or cues. The goal of BTBI routine programs is to demonstrate proven interactive methods by which you can better engage and teach routine oriented tools.