The Company

Break the Barrier Innovation (BTBI) is an interactive software company focused on enhancing the quality of life, care and support of the special needs community through the advancement, development and the application of technology. Capitalizing on years of experience as a support worker myself, and as an information technology entrepreneur building R&D solutions designed to engage customers and create efficiencies for businesses, it’s evident that what has become common practice tools for my team can easily become game changing applications for the special needs community. Our interactive tools can be applied by agencies, support staff, guardians and special needs individuals in order to organize and enhance the quality of care and accessibility.

Support Agencies
Group Homes
Differently Abled Individuals

Our Story

Before business, marketing, technology and entrepreneurship, the only thing that truly mattered in my life was athletics. Through my training and aspiration of becoming an Olympian I became very aware of and involved with the Special Olympics. Through various volunteer aspects, I decided to become a support worker myself.

As an entrepreneur focused on technological advancements, innovation and the information technology sector, I have worked with many different businesses and industries mapping, creating and developing the processes and tools to help streamline efficiencies. As a support worker myself, I have struggled finding secure tools that can effectively provide caseload management. Recognizing a gap in services, the goal of this division of Fresh Focus Media is to give back.

Utilizing secure, compliant software that can be accessed through all desktop, tablet and mobile devices, our applications are designed to streamline communication and enhance day to day life needs. BTBI live reporting software helps businesses and people manage all aspects of life, including case load management, medication tracking, goal tracking and quality of life measurements.

The BTBI platform was designed to simplify processes and make life easier for everyone who uses it.